Were you recently backing out of a parking space only to be greeted by someone else’s bumper? Came out from the store and it looks like someone ran into your vehicle and left? Were you rear-ended and need bumper repair in Tarpon Springs, Florida? At RKB Auto Body near you, we are proud to offer a range of auto body services, including bumper repairs and replacements. Interested in receiving a free quote for your bumper repair? Feel free to reach out to our auto body shop, we would be happy to provide a quote and get you on our schedule.

About Bumper Repair/Replacement

For many years, bumpers for our vehicles were actually made using metal, however, in recent years, to increase fuel economy, reduce weight, improve aerodynamics and even enhance pedestrian safety vehicles now use plastic bumper covers. While they look nice, it actually doesn’t take much to dent, crack or even completely break your back or front bumper.  Some newer bumpers also include sensors, headlight washes, intake elements and even grills, repair, removal and installation can be a bit more complicated.

Bumper repair and replacement costs can vary depending upon the vehicle, severity of damage and components in the bumper. If the new bumper is not pre-painted, that can also affect the cost at your auto body shop. Ready to receive your free bumper replacement/repair quote? Reach out today, we’re always happy to help.

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Has your front or back bumper been damaged due to an accident? Think you may need bumper repair or replacement in Tarpon Springs, FL? Contact RKB Auto Body today, we would be happy to provide a quote, get you added to our schedule and discuss our various financing options.