Summer is finally here, meaning more and more people on the roads in the Tampa Bay area. Today, RKB Auto Body in Tarpon Springs, Florida is providing Florida summer driving tips to keep you and others around you safe while driving. If you have questions regarding our tips or just want to schedule an appointment at our Tarpon Springs auto body shop

Keep Your Cool

Did you know that aggressive driving can actually increase your chances of being involved in car accident? When it comes to driving in Florida, staying cool is recommended. If you observe someone driving aggressively we recommend that you do not engage with the driver, this can lead to road rage. Contact FHP or 911 for local law enforcement and providing them with the license plate and vehicle description. You can also pull over and allow distance between you and the aggressive driver.

We also recommend that you follow the speed limit, avoid blind spots of trucks, leave room between you and other vehicles and stay patient. There can be quite a bit of traffic in the Tampa Bay area during the summer months.

Buckle Up

Did you know that wearing your seatbelt can reduce your risk of being injured or killed in a car accident by about 50%? Every time you are driving or riding in a motor vehicle we recommend that you buckle up and make sure everyone else is as well. 

Hurricane Plan

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you are probably aware that Florida experiences quite a few hurricanes each year. We recommend knowing your evacuation routes before a storm even hits. Keeping your vehicle properly maintained and road-ready is also important, be sure to check for your tires for any damage and also any recalls there may be. Make sure you also know where to check for any road closures or issues.

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Florida Summer Driving Tips

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