Wondering how to best maintain the value of your car? Today, RKB Auto Body in Tarpon is discussing how you can best maintain your car’s value when you decide it is time to sell it. Have questions? Need auto body repairs? Feel free to reach out to RKB Auto Body, we would be happy to assist with any of your needs.

Utilize Floor Mats

For many people, a stained dirty looking vehicle can be an absolute turn off and reason to skip or even ask for a reduced price. We recommend using floor mats to ensure that the floor of your vehicle stays in the best shape possible.

Polish Headlights

Want to improve the look and value of your vehicle without much effort? Polishing and cleaning your headlights is a simple, easy and great way to make your car look better. When they are faded and dingy it can make the rest of the car look worse.

Maintain Fluids

In between visits to your auto shop, it is important to maintain the fluids in your vehicle. These fluids ensure that your vehicle continues to run smoothly and like it should.

Service Your Vehicle

Bringing your vehicle to the professionals is another important part of maintaining your vehicle and keeping up the value. Be sure to keep any receipts and proof of service work as this can make your vehicle more valuable when you decide to sell it.

Don’t Smoke In Your Car

No one wants a smelly car, period. You should avoid smoking in your vehicle at all costs, this can greatly reduce the value of your vehicle and turn off potential buyers.

Reduce Mileage

Many people avoid vehicles with high mileage, for this reason, try to reduce mileage as much as possible. When taking long trips, entertain the idea of a rental.

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Maintaining Your Car’s Value

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