When it comes to owning a vehicle, they are quite the investment. At RKB Auto Body in Tarpon, we understand the importance of protecting this investment, today, we’re discussing various tips on how you can protect your vehicle from weather such as sun exposure, rain and even hail. Got questions about protecting your vehicle? Interested in our automotive services? For any of your needs, simply reach out to RKB Auto Body and let us know how we can assist. We’re always happy to help our customers.

Protecting Your Vehicle From The Sun

When it comes to living in Florida, extreme heat and sun exposure is common. This can unfortunately take quite a toll on your vehicle when not properly protected. We recommend parking in a shaded area (preferably not underneath a tree dropping sap – this can also damage your vehicle). Using a windshield cover is another useful tip, this can protect the interior of your car from damage caused by the sun, UV and heat. Waxing your vehicle is another great way to protect the exterior from the damage the sun can cause, we recommend applying it at least twice a year.

Protecting Your Vehicle From Rain

Although Florida is known as the “sunshine state”, rain is a common occurrence for us here as well, often leading to corrosion on certain areas of the car. We recommend washing your car regularly, protecting your vehicle with wax and even applying a film.

If you notice any corrosion caused by rain, we would be happy to address the problem, simply contact our auto body shop in Tarpon.

Protecting Your Vehicle From Hail

Although less common in our area, hail can wreak havoc on your vehicle when not properly protected. We recommend parking your vehicle in a garage or covered location if possible. You can also layer blankets over your vehicle or invest in a vehicle cover.

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Protecting Your Vehicle From The Weather

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