Spring is in the air and along with the much-anticipated sights and sounds on spring, it is time to prepare for spring driving conditions. For many, winter conditions are a lot more of a problem, however, spring also brings on quite a few driving challenges across the United States, especially down here in Florida. From wet driving conditions and motorcyclists to foraging animals and potholes, there are a number of reasons you may end up in an auto collision in Tarpon Springs, Florida. Today, RKB Auto Body in Tarpon Springs is discussing the common dangerous spring driving conditions, what you can do to improve your driving and what to do in the event you are in an automobile accident in Tarpon Springs or the surrounding communities of Tampa Bay, Florida.


For most animals, the cold means a drastic reduction in activity or even hibernation. With spring comes more animals and even their babies to be on the lookout for. We recommend always keeping your eyes on the road, however, during spring animal crossings can happen without any warning. If you hit an animal and damage your vehicle, contact RKB Auto Body for auto collision repair in Tarpon Springs, Florida.


Did you know that allergy medications can impair your ability to properly drive? With spring comes the allergies and many people will be reaching for their allergy medication. You should always talk to your doctor/pharmacist before driving while taking any allergy medication. In the event you are in an accident due to allergy medications, reach out to RKB Auto Body for an auto repair quote in Tarpon Springs.


Along with the sounds and sights of spring, in Florida, it usually means a whole lot of rain as well. You should make sure your windshield wiper blades are properly working, your tires are properly inflated and that you are driving for wet conditions. Make sure to give yourself extra space to stop to avoid any rear-end collisions. If you are in an accident due to the rain or weather, RKB Auto Body would be happy to provide Tarpon Springs auto body repair. Contact us today for your quote.

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Reasons Why Spring Driving Conditions are Dangerous

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