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Need more ground clearance for your Truck, SUV or Jeep? Are you interested in getting bigger tires for your Jeep, Truck or SUV? Want a more aggressive look for your vehicle? RKB Auto Body is happy to offer lift kit installation in Tarpon Springs. Our suspension experts have over 15 years of experience, installing lift kits on various vehicles in the Tampa Bay area. Whether you want bigger tires, different accessories or just to be higher up while driving, RKB Auto Body would be happy to help you select the perfect lift kit for your vehicle.

Why Lift Kits in Tarpon Springs?

When it comes to lift kits, they have various benefits for the customer. Not only can lift kits make your vehicle overall look more appealing, but they can also improve ride quality for the customer. For those that love off-roading, a lift kit is a must, improving performance, handling and even the comfort of your ride. For those that frequently tow, lift kits can even make that process easier. Not sure what type of lift kit would be right for your vehicle? Not to worry, our lift kit specialist in Tarpon Springs would be more than happy to help you pick the perfect option.

Get Lift Kits in Tarpon Springs Today

Ready to increase your ground clearance, enhance your performance and make your vehicle look more aggressive? Contact RKB Auto Body today to discuss lift kit installation in Tarpon Springs. We would be more than happy to discuss your options and help you select the best option for you and your vehicle.