Has the ride in your vehicle gotten less smooth? Having issues with the control of your car? Passengers complaining about a bumpy ride? When it comes to your vehicle, the suspension system is highly important. The suspension system of your vehicle is responsible for the smoothness of the ride, limiting the impact of various road conditions that can result in a bumpy experience. The suspension system also helps with control of the vehicle, maximizing the friction between the road and tires of your car. Good handling and stability can also be attributed to the suspension system of your vehicle. 

About The Suspension System

A car’s suspension system is actually made from several components which includes the chassis which is responsible for holding the cab of the car. Springs, struts and shock absorbers in the suspension system helps to support the weight of the vehicle and absorb/reduce any shock from the road. The anti-sway bar stabilizes the vehicle and shifts the movement of the wheels.

Why Maintain Your Suspension System?

At RKB Auto Body in Tarpon Springs, we always recommend keeping your suspension system in good condition. Having worn components of your suspension system can actually reduce vehicle stability and driver control. Acceleration of wear-and-tear on the other suspension system components can also occur. Replacing shocks and struts that are worn can help with control and comfortable driving by:

  • Promoting even wear-and-tear of tires and brakes
  • Controlling spring/suspension movement
  • Reducing wear-and-tear on other vehicle systems
  • Providing consistent handling of the vehicle
  • Reduce vehicle bounce
  • Keep tires in contact with the road surface
  • Maintain wheel alignment

Schedule Suspension Repair in Tarpon Springs Today

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The Importance Of Your Car’s Suspension System