So you’ve managed to get into a collision? Do you know what you should be doing? At RKB Auto Body, we see a lot of vehicles that have been in an accident and often times the drivers of these vehicles didn’t do what they should have. We recommend always being prepared for an accident, especially when you live in this area (I mean have you seen some of the drivers and their antics?). Today, we’re discussing a general checklist for after an automotive accident. If anyone is injured during your accident, please be sure to tell 911 so they are aware of an injury at the scene.

Call 911 Immediately

Once you’ve been in your accident, notify 911 so that responders can be on their way. This can be useful if there are any injuries or you are even stuck inside your vehicle.

Be Calm

Although it may seem like a great idea to yell at the person who hit you, it won’t really change anything and could make the situation worse. Be nice and wait for responders to arrive.

Do NOT Discuss Accident

While being nice, please still avoid discussing the accident. This can lead to false statements about who is to blame and should be avoided. Tell your story to the police when they arrive and stick to it.

Take Pictures

Did you know that cell phone can take more than just a selfie? Use your cell phone to document the vehicles and any damage that may have occurred. Take pictures of the area/scene as well, this can be helpful for telling your story.

Contact Insurance Agent

Let your insurance agency know about your accident once the police have arrived. Be sure to get a report from any first responders on scene.

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Your After-Collision Checklist

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