So you’ve decided you’d like a lift kit for your vehicle? You are probably looking around online trying to decide which kit is best for you and whether or not you should go with DIY or professionally installed. At RKB Auto Body, we proudly offer lift kit installation in Tarpon Springs, Florida. Today, we’re discussing various reasons why lift kit installation should be left to the professionals instead of attempting to DIY. Have questions about our available lift kits? Interested in scheduling an installation? Whatever your needs, RKB Auto Body is happy to assist. Simply reach out today to get started.


When it comes to vehicles, the main purpose is to safely get you from point A to point B. When installing a lift kit, it can actually alter the balance, force distribution, braking performance, engine, etc. When you trust a professional for your lift kit installation, they can make sure that the vehicle remains safe for any driving you may need to do.

Brand Matters

“You get what you pay for” seems to be a common saying that many people forget when it comes to making purchases. A vehicle is a very costly investment and accessories such as lift kits often as are well. Although DIY lift kits may appear to be cheaper, they obviously don’t include the cost of labor as you are meant to do it yourself. Most lift kit installers have connections to get wonderful deals on a variety of brands, you may ultimately pay a bit more but when you trust in a professional, you know it is installed properly.

DIY Lift Kits Are Often Universal

When it comes to DIY lift kits, they are often universal or “one size fits all”. When you use a trained professional for your lift kit installation, they know how to adjust the setup to ensure that it is properly installed on your vehicle and won’t cause any problems down the road.

Schedule Tarpon Springs Lift Kit Installation

Decided you want a lift kit for your vehicle? Looking for lift kit installation in Tarpon Springs? RKB Auto Body would be happy to help, reach out today for a quote and appointment.

Should My Lift Kit Be Professionally Installed?