Have you been involved in an accident? Did someone accidentally dent your vehicle or scratch the paint? Is your bumper or fender damaged? Today, RKB Auto Body is discussing common auto body shop services we frequently perform. Have questions? Think you need a Tarpon Springs auto body shop? Contact RKB Auto Body today to get started.


When it comes to fender damage, many people think they are simply bumpers. This, however, is not the case. Fenders are the metal part of the vehicle that frame the wheel well. Neglecting to address damage to fenders can actually impact your tires, vehicle steering and even alignment.


When it comes to auto body damage, dents are probably the most common occurrence that we see. Dents can occur due to parking too close in a parking lot, having a cart make contact with your vehicle or even during small fender benders. Many people neglect to get these minor damages addressed quickly which can actually lead to more problems, dents are typically associated with a scratch which can compromise the paint and metal underneath.


When it comes to bumpers, they can be quite important. Bumpers are designed to take the brunt of the force when involved in an accident, providing protection for the rest of the vehicle. When damaged, bumpers can no longer provide the protection needed so it is important to get any damage to your bumper addressed as quickly as possible.


Damage to the paint of your vehicle is another extremely common occurrence. People bump into vehicles, kids accidentally scratch them, rocks can make dings or dents, etc. While it may seem like a very little problem, damage to paint can actually lead to further damage such as rusting of the metal underneath. We recommend addressing any paint problems as quickly as you can.

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